The first thing that I did was asking them about the values that they wanted the brand to have, and their competition. 

Since AF works in a very specific field (of which I had little or no knowdlege), I started by researching the companies that work in the area, and the graphic codes and resources that they use (colour palettes, fonts, signs, etc). 

I made a briefing about all the aspects that I had studied, explaining the decisions taken in the design process.

Once I had an idea, I set the characteristics that I wanted the brand to have, and started working on some sketches. Since they wanted to transmit the idea of quality, efficiency and integrity, I decided to use a colour palette inspired on the top companies of the area.

After discussing the options, we chose a sketch and I made some adjustments in order to finish the brand.

When the brad was ready, I designed additional pieces, such as spreadsheets, personal cards, vehicle graphics, stationery, etc.