They came to me with the idea, and we decided to work on a brand in the first place.

We discussed the concepts that they wanted their brand to convey, and I started working based on that.

I thought of a clean brand, that made an allusion to health, technologies and schedule organization.
I made the first sketches using console fonts, in order to allude to the technologies behind the system. I added a calendar as part of the logo, and then I created a colour palette with tones often used in health environments.

After discussing the options with the client, I made some adjustments, and the brand was ready.

So the next step was defining the design needs of the product. We established the sections that the service needed, and then I defined the main layout.

Afterwards, I designed the structures of the sections, and made the adjustments needed as I tested the product.


I sent the design mockups to the client, with colour codes, links to the design elements that I used, and notes about the design.


I worked not only on the graphic design, but also in the behaviour of the items, buttons and drop-downs.


I also focused on the user experience, taking into account the current systems used in the area by the potential clients, in order to make decisions and design the elements.

I also added notes to the mockups, and implied the margins and the grid used to place the elements.

I also set a colour palette for the sections, using as a reference the contusions healing process. There are different stages when someone gets hurt, and the colour of the bruises change during the process.


Once the system was ready, the client needed a website in order to sell the product. So we established the paged that they needed, and I made the web design for Akisoft.