We started talking about the name of the bar, and since the shop was set on an old garage, we thought that the name “Beer Garage” was accurate and also easy to remember.

To give it a little twist, we switched the g for a j (since in Spanish they are pronounced the same), and we went fot Garaje Cervecero (Beer Garaje).

Since parking is not allowed in front of garages, we thought of a street sign for the brand. They wanted a sort of vintage and industrial style for the bar, so I started working on those ideas.

I made the first sketches using street signs features, like the colours and the shape. I tried different shapes, fonts and layouts.





After discussing some aspects of the sketches, we decided to go for a darker style, since the yellow was too bright. I made a sketch, we liked it, and then I made the last adjustments for the final brand.



The guys were working against the clock in order to open the bar in the first days of December. Marco made the huge sign for the facade of the bar, and I had very little time to design the menus. So I went for something simple, clear to read and in black and white, to go with the aesthetic of the brand.

I used geometric shapes, and crisp lines for the layout elements, added some illustrations for the sections, and a few hours before the inauguration of the bar, the menu was ready.



The inauguration was great, and lots of people went to the Garaje. But as the winter started, the neighbourhood became more quiet, and the shops around weren’t working to their full.

So the guys came up with a cycle of acoustic sessions during the weekends, in order to offer something different, and they asked me to design some flyers in order to spread the word.


Despite the effort and the energy that the guys had put into this project, the bar went through very rough times. The incredible amount of new breweries, together with the constant increase in the price of services, commodities and rent, made things very hard for the bar, and they had to close.


However, they didn’t give up. As soon as they closed the bar, they started working on a gastronomic project with a different approach.

Some months later, the guys opened “La chorizería”, a gastronomic business entirely dedicated to the classic argentinan choripán, with a gourmet style.

You can follow the story and see the pieces I made for them here: https://amandaniguez.com/project/menu-and-flyers-for-la-chorizeria-2018/