I started working with the idea to make something simple, friendly, with soft shapes and unstructured typography. I was looking for something casual and informal.
After working on some sketches, we discussed the options and defined the style and the elements for the brand.
But some time later, as the sales increased, the guys found themselves facing another difficulty: aplying the brand to their products. Because of the size of the products, it was impossible to talk about packaging, so we decided to make some labels in order to apply the brand to the furniture.
As soon as I started adapting the brand for the labels, I thought that each product could have 2 labels: one with the brand, and another with the furniture category. Since the styles and categories of the furniture were quite defined, It wasn’t hard to do. We defined 6 categories and I developed a graphic sub-system based on the main brand.
Once I finished, Mundo Palets had the brand and the labels ready to be applied.